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The 161 Business District is a very special place, full of unique events and initiatives. If you stroll along River Avenue and across 161st Street, for example, you will notice a series of gigantic street art murals. There’s one of Babe Ruth, one of Derek Jeter, a Roberto Clemente mural and several others. GORGEOUS!


These 15’ x 20’ likenesses have been featured in The New York Times, in commercials and in art magazines. FEEL FREE TOTAKE A SELFIE of you and your family or friends in front of Mariano or Mickey Mantle.

The 161 BID also operates and maintains an eighty yard long garden in the middle of the built environment of the neighborhood. The garden features apple trees, rose bushes and a dozen varieties of flowers including tulips and marigolds. TAKE A MINUTE TO STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!


The BID owns and operates the official Jeter Meter, which sits twenty feet atop a lamppost right next to the stadium along Mariano Rivera Avenue. The Jeter Meter was used to celebrate Derek’s career while he played. Now, it is a message board where fans can wish both of the local teams (Yanks and NYCFC) good luck and where out-of-town football fans can see their college names up in lights during the Pinstripe Bowl in late December. LET’S GO YANKEES!


From May through October, the BID collaborates with GROWNYC for a Farmers Market along the Concourse and in Kilmer Park. The BID provides lunchtime guests with bistro sets where they can sit, and enjoy a drink or food from the market and nearby delis. RELAX!


On the first day of summer, the BID sponsors a concert with Make Music New York in Gehrig Plaza, which sits at the intersection of the Concourse and 161st Street. THE BOOGIE DOWN!


The BID also plays host to a SING FOR HOPE piano each June. The instrument, placed at the Lorelei Fountain across from Gehrig Plaza in the park, provides guests and residents with an opportunity to tinkle the keys themselves or hear an impromptu performance. GOOD VIBES!


Twice each year, the BID sponsors an old-fashioned street fair under the El. Yankee fans and Bronx residents mingle and search for bargains amidst the smells of sausage sandwiches and mozareppas. DELICIOUS!


Dennis Terry

Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council


Vice Chair

Allen Schwartz

Triangle Realty



Jo-Ann Portmann

Gerard Management



Jeannette Puryear

Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council


Class A Members

Jonathan Bombart

Bombart Management

Lou Dene

Stan’s Sports

Mitchell Maidman

Townhouse Management Co.

Jo-Ann Portmann

Allen Schwartz

Dennis Terry

Bronx Boro Realty


Class B Members

Erika Moncado,

JP Morgan Chase

Public Members

Gloria Cruz

Speakers representative

Wendy Gallegos

Council Member representative

Mariel de La Cruz

Comptroller’s representative

Michael Nixon

Borough President’s representative

Rosa Kelly

Mayor’s representative

Bernice Mills


Kathleen Saunders

Community Board 4